Cister Box Bunk Bed

Extra storage

To the Cister bunk bed we have added two large drawers under the lower bed to achieve the Cister Box model.

The drawers are provided with a lower guiding system and sliding with wheels so that they can accommodate luggage and belongings with considerable weight. They are provided with a lock with an individual key and, as an option, other locking systems can be adapted. The Cister Box also has all the features of the Cister bunk bed.


200/210 cm.


84-87 / 94-97 cm.
(depending on the protective rails installed on the upper bed)


If this bunk bed is the one that suits your space or your project, call us!!

Manufacturing and installation

Custom turnkey projects

We can customize our bunk beds to suit your project.

Contact us and request a quote without obligation.

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